queen luna tuna
ruby duby
banjo and joey(the tuxedos this close??)
the doctor(aka kazooie)
betsy with dodge(spirit friend) and
desi, funnee border collie visitor
leslie and beth, california dreamin'
beloved, sweet sis gail!
brother glenn
jude exalting
susan, brandon, margot
We went into a pet store for cat toys one day, and came home with "Ollie", rescued by
Ayres Shelter in upstate NY.  He'd been wandering around the streets of a small mill
town, probably lifting his leg on brick buildings and eating scraps such as hot dogs left
on the street.  The shelter had him for six months; folks passed him by (it's a fact that
cats and dogs with black fur are less likely to be adopted), and had stopped grooming
himself and became depressed. One day, they took him to a pet store adoption clinic,
and the rest is his story.
I had never had a dog in my life before; I was a total cat woman--independent, cuddly,
standoffish, playful, and proud to be part of the Tribe of Tiger.  Since Willie's been in my
life, I can say there were things I never knew before...things like loving life fiercely, and
accessing the most gentle and trusting places within.  Willie lives to provide Joy.  He
shows off.  He entertains.  He comforts.  He is Love embodied in a little elf dog body.  He
doesn’t understand conflict, it makes him quiver. He is protective and will defend his
people (with a benign nip on the heel, such as letting the cable guy know who is boss).  
He is stubborn as a gentle burro.  He is adoring to his sister Ruby, and cat tribe clan of
Joey, Banjo, Luna, and The Doctor, and of course, to us, and to those who show him
kindness in return.  You can see paintings of Willie and his siblings on Betsy's website,
Life's a Ball, Get Willifed!
willie is now beyond the stars, entertaining sick kids.  yeah.
the elder of the tribe, owl eyes and old
my mexican strat is named after this
his spirit lives on in a downy
woodpecker who visits his resting spot!
Photos from Concert For Love, Yoga Loft 2/13/11
beth, bets, holly, mary, zoe    
(photos by Sweet Sis Gail)
July 25, 2011.
City Hall, Albany NY.
First Day of Marriage Equality in NYS.   
And Marriage #2.
Next State? Or Country?
cousin margot
clare and beth
old friends/bookends
lk & bj still laughin after all these years
in loving memory, mary d.
amy collins, rosanne raneri, beth at moon & river
the protestors
bethelda & clareybear
two peas in a pod: bro and sis
chuck & gail, sweet as they come
skye-man arrives,
ruby & skye in rubysartstudio
hangin out with pearl
(still hip)
my beloved-- betsy
contemplation by
the creek~
jenny, beth, sadie,
& mitchell
bets joining me at skyheart studio
 Randy Orlando
smiling on his beloved,
smiling on us all
Dr. Skye and Nurse Ruby
watchin' birdies
two beautiful beings - tony and robert
glenn, james and skye
love and laughter
traveling cousins from ohio