may 1 1943- november 21 2012

dearest gail
lover of life
bringer of joy and happiness to others
generous to a fault
giver and lover of gifts and surprises
finder of humor and laughter in everyday
mother supreme of her immediate and
extended families
uniter and holder of family

margot marples)
photos: beth jochum
am i dreaming of you,

are you coming to see me

to tell me a secret or show me
the way?

is there someone you want to

reflect back into me

or something you're needing to

i think i hear you;

then i forget you

you move around me

i cannot see

i think i feel you

but you're elusive

i cannot touch you

and so i dream
no need to speak now baby
hush little one
lay at our feet
your day is done
you got two mamas who love you
and a dog brother too
4 pussycats
put their paws all over you
you ran and you played
you tossed balls in the air
caught all the frisbees
so lose all your cares
lay yourself down
let the evening begin
the rattle of the thunder
and the chimes will begin
you'll dream as you sleep
of running in fields
and when you awake
we'll all be right here